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Stress Reduction Kits

Sometimes it is better to express yourself visually and this is how I feel this week….I just need to tape this to my doors. ALL.OF.THEM. At home, work, a smaller one for in the car and another taped to my ATM card– for my bank account!

Let me know if you need one and I will make you one with my own two hands AND sign the back! I know, what more could you ask for, right? Asking price is $19.95 plus shipping and handling. If you order it on the blog, I will give you a 5% discount!

 I will accept cash or money order only. Let me know, this hand-drawn kit is a super deal at a steal of a price!

P.S. This has been tested (by yours truly) and proven to be effective! So, I encourage you to buy and use it today before they run out!



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Eye Twitching & Alien Babies


I don’t know what is wrong with me, but my eye (lid) has been twitching for the last two days. I have no idea why, but it is driving me crazy.

Has this ever happened to you?

It is weird, it is like my eyelid just moves, like there is an alien baby inside of it…or something…ok, maybe I have an active imagination, but I can’t help it.

So, while at work, I was talking to my co-worker (CW). Mind you it is totally dead at work this week…NO ONE IS HERE and I mean NO ONE. School doesn’t start back up for another week.

Me: Does your eye ever twitch? Cause mine is totally twitching right now! Do you think it is stress?

CW: No, I just think you are retarded.

Gee, with friends like that who needs enemies….right? Or maybe there really is an alien baby in my eyelid…..


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The Night of the Great Litter Crisis


Being the good wife that I am (don’t gasp in shock), I meandered around the house gathering all the trash for trash night….which included the dreaded task of cleaning the litter box. Yea, hard to believe, but you guys should be proud of me; I didn’t even shout NOT IT! So there I am sifting then dumping all the disgusting pee balls and poop logs (yea, I feel as though you need a visual) when lo and behold, I go to grab the fresh litter container…and barely anything comes out. Not even enough to cover the bottom of the litter pan. For you non-cat owners it is like someone putting back a basically empty milk container into the fridge and you go to grab a nice, refreshing glass of milk and all that is left are droplets. Yea, I know….THE AUDACITY! So, then that evil demon cat, Americus decides to take a nice pee in that barely- there litter. What is her deal? I mean whenever we clean out the litter…it is like vultures circling their prey, I don’t know what it is about my cats and fresh litter…but they will not allow it to stay fresh. It is like a cardinal sin to them. I will never understand this.

So I tell hubby to run and get some….but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without me? I don’t know where this fear of going out alone comes from….but there is no way I am getting into that car (I mean I WAS doing CHORES WITHOUT BEING ASKED—give me some props here).  So, we glare at each other…I even try the NOT IT rule. Doesn’t work. I am afraid, dear readers, Hubby is reading the blog too much and starting a revolt against this NOT IT rule. I will not be defeated by Hubby’s obstinance…..I can reign him back in with favors! ( I hope).

Anyways, we are still in crisis mode……no solutions…yet. It is a standoff of the great litter crisis. Only the strong can survive. Better call Rae to save the day.


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T-Day Freak Outs…


This weekend I sorta, kinda, without-telling him volunteered Hubby to smoke a Thanksgiving bird, along with cooking the traditional bird too. Now I know what you are thinking….WHAT?!

 And I think Hubby felt the same way, but you see the thing is… is that he LOVES to cook for people…the more the merrier and I love that he loves to cook for me and everyone else. (Plus I am a bit biased and think his cooking is phenomenal!)

So, I totally thought he would be up for the challenge and I think he still is after he got over the initial shock factor…. J
It isn’t that he doesn’t want to smoke a bird, he just gets nervous because it is one of those things he hasn’t smoked just yet (and he likes things to come out perfect) and he has to prep the other one and do his famous sides…now I am not much of a cook, but I can help with the side preparations (hopefully)…he does get a little territorial in the kitchen.  We are having my sisters, potentially one of our parents, and my sister’s in-laws come to our house. So we pretty much will have a full house….9-10 people.

I think it should be pretty fun, however yesterday the reality of cleaning and cooking set in. So not only was hubby starting to freak out….but then I started my cleaning freak out (trust me it isn’t pretty). I don’t know why I get this way…..but I am an obsessive cleaner…I can’t help it (it might be a disease). So between my cleaning freak outs and Hubby’s food freak outs…Wednesday night and Thursday morning should be an exciting time at our house!  (Usually one of is calm, therefore, slapping the other back to reality , yup sometimes a good slap does a Hubby good—don’t quite know how it will work out if we BOTH are freaking out…..well one of us might end up on the TV show Snapped). If you see a lapse in blog postings readers, you will know that either:

 1. I am dead or

2.  I am in jail for killing Hubby or

3.  I set the house on fire trying to help and my computer burned with it.


I am hoping my Thursday morning rum-filled crepes will calm Hubby’s nerves…if not I will be forcing him to drink all day….which won’t be too hard.

Maker’s and coke here we come!


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The Coupon Nazi

couponsThis weekend we did our major Thanksgiving grocery shopping and let me tell you….it was not fun. However, we did do our homework and research because Frys Grocery Store is accepting competitors coupons, so we had to maximize our grocery shopping! We researched and cut millions of coupons…and saved a lot of money in the meantime. Upon check out time….we had the worst time. The coupon nazi (he was young) basically wanted to re-see every item (mind you the bagger had already bagged all our items….) so he was driving us crazy. As we apologized to people in line, they were even on our side (one lady exclaimed) hey they did their homework, give them their deals!

This kid was crazy……I finallly was like you know what I am not going to unbag all of our items to prove to you I got the matching item. After much consternation, I think he finally gave in towards the end, but he was crazy dude–and slow…he was like did you get this, and this?. Personally, I didn’t see the point in fighting over a dollar off deoderant, right? I mean come on…..anyways….that was our Sunday….at least the chaos of grocery shopping is done and we are on our way to a full kitchen. Why is it that grocery shopping around the time of the holidays is so painful? And why are there coupon nazi’s? I mean if you advertise it…and we do our homework and take the time to carefully shop down each and every aisle to mazimize the purchase—then don’t hassle me OR come along and be my personal shopper!


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Money Tree

Does anyone know where I can locate one of these? I am in desperate need of one! 🙂



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Dinner Indigestion

So during dinner conversations with the sisters and hubbies, I stated how I noticed I have to eat really slowly or I get this burn in my chest.

Me: I can’t eat. I think I am dying. When I eat, my chest hurts.

Sar’s Hubby: You probably have Gerd. It happens when you are stressed out.

Me: What was the source of your stress?

Rae and My Hubby (answering simultaneously):  Sar!

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