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The Princess Ring


I went out to lunch with my friend from work this week and she asked me about my rings. I have 3 rings on my wedding finger…that is when I remember to wear them. 🙂

Friend: Why do you have 3 rings?

Me (matter of factly): Because I am a princess. Princesses have 3 rings.

Friend: I want to be a princess too! I am going to tell my husband to get me one!

The funny part is that Hubby’s sister has a princess ring too, only when we were talking about it at Christmas time a few years back, Hubby jumped into the conversation with a very important question:   Hubby: So, you just go to the the jewelery store and tell them you want to buy a princess ring, and then they just know what a princess ring is? Me (rolling eyes): Yes, Hubby, that is EXACTLY how you do it.

The story behind the princess ring is quite simple really. My sister’s BFF told me, at her wedding, that she was getting 3 rings when she got married because she IS a princess, and so, in order for her husband to marry her, he had to provide her with “the princess ring.”

I thought it was cool. I wanted to be a princess too. I told this to Hubby.

He laughed.

I told him I would divorce him.

He got me my princess ring.

I am a princess.

End of story.

Hubby even engraved it to say “princess ring.”  What a smart guy I have! I guess I will keep him.

3 rings=PRINCESS

3 rings=PRINCESS


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AHEM, A Love Poem




I’ve been told (more than once) my Hubby must be a saint to put up with my antics…but he wouldn’t have it any other way! And with that I give you, my love poem. (Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job just yet!)

To Hubby:

A love poem, on Valentine’s Day (even though I love you every day) to remind you how lucky you are….I mean I am! J

A Love Poem

I wanted you to know I love you

Through ups and downs

Good times and frowns

You are a love true


Making me safe and warm

You are always there

My calm before the storm

In love that is rare


You get my sarcasm and wit

So we are quite the match

But, I am the catch

Though you’ll never admit


Though Most of the time I jest—

I would be quite sad without you

Alone and blue

For you are the best!


I am not much of a poet,

But this I know

You make me aglow

Even though you don’t know it!


Love and Kisses,

Your Wifey


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Whispering Sweet Nothings…

Hubby and I are cuddling in bed over the weekend, watching television.

Hubby: I love you, you are so cute.

Me (in his face): BURP!

Hubby(a little sarcastic): You are still so cute….

Me: I know!



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To Have and To Hold…


Hubby is headed out of town this week to go to Texas to visit his parents and do some manual labor. I know he will miss me, but frankly, I am excited to spread out on the bed and watch whatever I WANT on TV. No snoring, no kicking, no farting disturbing my sleep. Ahhhh the excitement.

But, I will miss him despite all of the above (but don’t tell him this…I can’t have his head swelling up!) See, gotta keep it on the downlow, as you can tell from our conversation below:

Hubby: Come here, baby. Come sit with me. I’m going to miss you this week.

Me (giving the look): SILENCE

Hubby (scowls at me and then waits in anticipation)

Me (evil smile): Oh, was I supposed to say something? I am just excited to have the bed to myself!


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Burning Love Confessions

Me:  My butt burns.

Hubby: Why?

Me: I have had the squirts all day.

Hubby: You are so romantic.

Me: Don’t you love me?

Hubby: Of course, Squirts and all.

Then later, while lying in bed warm, comfortable and cozy.. a foul, smell wafts up to my nose (kind of like a mixture of raw sewer and bad eggs–I felt like you needed the analogy)

 Me: Did you fart? I smell farts!

Hubby (snickering): ummmm it wasn’t me….well, yea, I guess I did, but I thought the fart was trapped under the covers, I don’t know how it got out!

Me: OMG! Your butt is SO foul!

Hubby: Don’t you love me?


These are the things they don’t warn you about when you get married….farts and all. Just for the record…Hubby NEVER farted in the bed when we were dating.

What happened?


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