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There is this game on the iphone that I am addicted to. Hubby found it, and I LOVE it. It is called Sextuple. It is a word challenge game where you are timed to make words. The goal is to find the six letter word before you run out of time. It makes you think. And being the genius that I am, it always helps to keep my brain sharp. 🙂

Anyways, a few weekends ago, I taught my mom how to play it.

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: Playing a game.

Mom: What game? I wanna play!

Me: NO! It is MY game.

Mom: Let me play. What is it called?

Me: Sextuple.

Mom (incredulous): Wha?


Mom: Really?

Me: MOM! Get your mind out of the gutter. SEXT means six letter word.

Mom: Yea, I knew that…..

Me: Mom, you are a sicko!


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NOT IT Old School Style


SO, the parents were visiting  last weekend. And I was explaining the NOT IT rules to them, which made them laugh. Actually,  Hubby and I were having a standoff in regards to the vomit by our bed. See why.

After explaining the rule, while we all watched Hubby clean up the vomit, I learned of the way my parentals dealt with the NOT IT rule way back when (yea, they are old school); it’s weird that they were that clever back in the day.

Dad (talking to Hubby): Ugh I know all to well what it is like to clean up cat puke.

Mom (under her breath): pshaw.

Dad: Yea, I usually had your mom clean up the vomit because I don’t know how.

Me: HA HA HA HA! What do you mean?

Dad: Well, your mother knows what special products to use on the carpet so it wouldn’t stain. I didn’t. So, it was better that she do it.

Me: 1. I don’t believe that and 2. I am going to use that now too!

Hubby: Don’t give her ANY more ideas!

And that, dear readers, is NOT it old school style.


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My Best Feature


So, it is a running joke in my family that I got the ghetto booty. I don’t have the boobs, I have the booty and everytime I see the whole family they don’t let me forget it, especially the sisters (I think they are just jealous).

My parents are in town this weekend for a quick visit and my mom was talking about how her pants are too big in the booty.

Me: I will NEVER have that problem! (Even though I am doing my morning workouts…I doubt the booty will change…I just know, and I am okay with it)

Mom: Yea, I agree, you don’t have that problem.

Me: Thanks, Mom, way to show some support. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. It is my best feature, Hubby’s favorite, in fact.

(Shouting) Right, Hubby?

Hubby (shouting from another room): I always liked your eyes.

Me (pshaw): Yea, right…..that is so lame. No one likes eyes!


Me: Gag me


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Adorable, right? They are only cute when they are sleeping...

Adorable, right? They are only cute when they are sleeping...

I am all about being pround of myself for getting up at 4:30 during the weekdays for my routine of going to work early and working out.

However, I am NOT ok with the EVIL PETS  continuing the routine on the weekends. Waking me up at 4:30 on the weekends is NOT OK. Please, demons, just let me sleep in one day this week! That is all I ask.

It’s obviously a mutiny. And I am obviously NOT going to win. I am just trying to figure out, how to survive without killing them, mostly Americus. She is the Devil himself, reincarnated.

Going back to bed now.


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Let me out….



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Definitately NOT Mr. and Mrs. Smith


I am laying on the floor, when Hubby comes and tries to steamroll me.

Me: AHHHH I can’t breathe. Why are you trying to kill me?

Hubby: Cause you tried to kill me earlier.

Me: True, I wish I had succeeded.


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Whispering Sweet Nothings…

Hubby and I are cuddling in bed over the weekend, watching television.

Hubby: I love you, you are so cute.

Me (in his face): BURP!

Hubby(a little sarcastic): You are still so cute….

Me: I know!



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