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Please Explain….

How come we can get any other type of bill, magazine, or begging letter for donations from Yale, but for some reason our W-2’s can’t seem to make their way out to us?

And when Hubby calls them we get these types of conversations:

Yale Accounts Payable (AP) Person: How can I help you?

Hubby: We haven’t received our W-2’s yet, can you tell us if you have the correct address?

AP Yale Person: Hmmm uh looks like the only address we have is for Hamden, CT.

Hubby(incredulous since we have only changed or address with them a MILLION times, but who’s counting): But we haven’t lived there for 2 years!

Note: We lived our last year in CT in Branford, CT.

AP Yale Person: Hmmm well, guess we can send them out to you guys.

Hubby: Yea, that’d be great!

Two weeks and counting and they still aren’t here…..but we did receive some lovely magazines….all addressed to our current address, as well as numerous “please give us money” letters. Hmmmm how very strange, very strange indeed.



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TBA, on the Worse Half’s Blog


Hubby’s a little scared. (And shy)

He feels a little overwhelmed by all of your excitement to read his innermost thoughts (well only some of you expressed excitement). Also fyi, he is not the best writer, so I will probably have to proof his guest post anyway.

However, he IS excited to let you in on his inner most secrets about being married to the most wonderful, beautiful, coolest, self-sacrificing, chore doing, best listner, patient and most amazing wifey that anyone could ever ask for EVER. He might even tell you the secret to finding someone as amazing as me. Or he might just tell you once you find that amazing someone….take them to Vegas, get them drunk, and marry them.

Well ok, maybe it didn’t happen EXACTLY like that….but I guess we will have to wait to see what he has to say.

Until then, I will hold my (bated) breath in anticipation with the rest of you. I guess you will just have to keep checking in to see when he feels the need to inpart his words of wisdom to the masses. After all, he did go to Yale– however, I pretty much wrote his thesis….

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Economic Hardship and the Ivy Leagues

Upon checking the mail this week, Hubby received a letter from Yale University, where he had previously gone to graduate school. Let me remind you, that he has not even been out of school for a year yet, and just 3 months ago he was receiving “Would you like to make a donation” letters.

Ummm, let me think about that. Heck no!

I mean we are still getting over the fact that we don’t have to eat PB&J sandwiches everyday! So, when I saw this envelope, I thought it was more of the same thing. I left it on the counter for Hubby to read.

Hubby opens it later and laughs out loud.

Hubby: I think I will be making a call to the Yale Accounts office in the morning.

Me: Why?

Hubby: Look at this letter!

Me (scanning quickly): What?

Hubby: This is my bill for the Fall 2008 semester……they think I am still there….but I GRADUATED!

Me: HILARIOUS….They must have sent it because you wouldn’t donate! Gotta make money somehow! It’s rough times…. even for the Ivy Leagues!

Wait...I don't go there anymore

Wait...I don't go there anymore


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Snow Days….

Not that we ever got these that much, while living in CT and working at YALE, but right about now…with all my friends telling me they get to go home EARLY because of the perceived 7 inches of snow that should be hitting the East Coast….I actually miss this crap! HOW crazy am I?

I want a snow day! Please? Pretty Please? (How is it possible that I actually MISS the snow? After all I did was complain!) Well, I know I don’t miss shoveling or driving in it!

I can’t believe I miss it!  🙂


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Alms for the poor…

yaleSo,  over the weekend we got a letter asking us to donate to Yale University (mind you, hubby has approximately been out of grad school…maybe 6 months now—but who is counting?). It made me laugh out loud when I saw it! I mean, mind you I would LOVE to have gobs of money to donate to different things, but since we have yet to embark on the road of the rich and famous…this letter came as a surprise. I mean we sweated, starved, and ate a lot of PB&J and what did they say to us: live cheaper and you shouldn’t have pets….i.e. never mind the fact that CT is one of the MOST expensive places to live.

Right, please let me donate to you, Yale, meanwhile we only have $2.01 in our joint account after paying all the bills this month. So, what did I do? I showed the letter to hubby. He laughed out loud too! He suggested we send it back and write in Sharpie…”I will donate to you…..if you pay my tuition bill.” I am thinking of trying that….but I don’t think it will do any good….perhaps we should show them a picture of the money and a picture of the tuition bill, kinda like you pay this, then you get this….

Oh well, just the same it did give us both a good laugh and at least they gave us about 6 months before they started asking/begging….I guess that is enough time to get re-established in the real world…..right? I mean sure maybe in a perfect, rich world….maybe I will just send Charlotte up there to bite them…..



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Conversations with a past graduate student….

Phone rings in my office around 8am, Thursday morning.

Hubby: I need a beer!

Me: It is morning; it is too early to need a beer.

Hubby: Well, it is 5’oclock somewhere, so it is ok!

Me (thinking in my head): What a bad influence Grad School was…..

 Do they make tee shirts? I could design one to say: Three years of Yale graduate school and all I got was this beer guzzling husband! Where are the FAT paychecks and vacations? Please tell me!


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The Pursuit of Happiness

My hubby and I have just moved from the East coast to the West. We consider it more like trying to educate ourselves on different parts of the U.S., but since it happens every three years, maybe it is more like an itch…but one you can’t reach. You know what I mean, those hard to reach places where you just can’t get in and scratch…oh wait I digress.  Well, I suppose it is more like the three year itch, if that even exists. Does it count that the last three years were in pursuit of higher education in the hopes of landing the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Well, it hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, we are transitioning to the West in stride.  

I work for a university and he has a job in technical theatre. We are settling in to a normal routine and we shall see what is in store for us next. Although I have a feeling that something is bound to happen because our lives are a little like Disneyland…painful at times, but the food is sure good! We shall see what  Adventure Land has in store for us.


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