Boston T.A. (Trained Assassin)

Type: Maine Coon Cat, Male

Boston is the toughest cat you will ever meet. He grew up in the streets of Tucson. My roommate and I found him hanging out at a frat house and we stole him. It was love at first sight. He is more dog, than cat. He is very protective over what he perceives as his property. Namely, he knows he owns this house and he knows that Patches is his dog. For instance, when living in Texas, we had a friend come over with a dog, nameless dog steals one of Patches’ toys. Patches goes crazy and all the sudden wants said toy (that she never plays with, by the way) and starts fighting with dog. Nameless dog growls and snaps, Boston comes running out of the room, jumps on back of nameless dog and attacks in full force. Hubby then needs to separate Boston from almost dead dog (embellished, but he is tough) and then puts him in another room, where he proceeds to break out and pounce on dog again. Patches does get the toy back from nameless dog, thanks to Boston’s fight club skills.

 If you have ever seen the episode of South Park where Cartman’s “kitty” is psycho because it needs to be fixed…well that is EXACTLY how Boston was….that is, until we fixed him. Unbeknownst to him, he doesn’t believe he is really fixed and therefore, frisks his girl, Americus at least 20 times a day…doesn’t matter time of day. He loves girls. Whenever friends come over, they declare how beautiful he is….and how he looks like the cat from Fancy Feast, minus the pushed in face. We know he is hiding the checks from us, somewhere in this house!

4 responses to “Boston

  1. Oh my hubby and I would love a Maine coon cat since they ARE more like a dog than cat. Although we do already have 280 lbs of dogs… maybe we should hold off…

  2. deek1973

    Boston is awesome! Had no idea he was over there reprazentin’ the Westside and the mean streets of Tuscon. In all seriousness…beautiful cat…but I’d never say that to his face (**note, note pushed in) because if his fighting skills are as you described, I might be limping back.

  3. familygathers

    Love your blog. I’ve read a few articles and laughed so much. You remind me of my family!! Keep up the good work!

  4. C.A.Margonper

    Aaawww, that picture… Makes me want to grab him and hold him tight.


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