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My Middle Sister


Today on America’s Next Top Blogger we will uncover the mystery and meaning behind my crazy sister’s (Middlechildadvice\’s Blog  ) probing question.

Her topic is: Blog about your amazing middle sister—how amazing she is, how you want to be just like her and how you will never reach that goal. Are you puking in your mouth just yet? Cause I am. Truly.

My middle sister, Sar is far from amazing. Really. If you go back and look through our photo albums– every picture of me and Sar is me sitting on her, trying to crush her in some form or another. Or I have a crazed look in my eyes like I am plotting her demise (and NO I do not always have the crazed look, although it does run in the family). So, our history of me wanting to BE like her is non-existent. But, for the purpose of this blog, AND to follow the rules I can give you some insight into her “amazingness” as she likes to call it.

How my Middle Sister is AMAZING

1.      She ate cat food on a dare (and liked it)

2.      Sar thought Washington DC was located in Washington State. Until she went there and learned this wasn’t so. She has always been a little slow.

3.      She always wanted to fly on a plane herself. She finally did when she was in her 20s. Now she thinks she knows everything about flying. This is not the case.

4.      Growing up, Sar used to hide food she didn’t like (she said she couldn’t chew it) in her napkin on the back of her chair, so the dog would eat it.

5.      Sar used to have a nickname growing up, Dizzy Lizzy, cause she used to spin around in circles a million times and fall to the floor. For those of you that know her this explains a lot, doesn’t it?

6.      The middle sister has always been jealous of the other sisters, so when she was little she used to point at people, so she could get attention. Mom always told her to stop pointing because it is rude, but in childhood photos you will see pictures of her pointing, on purpose.

7.      Sar used to bring home all kinds of weird friends, kind of like the crazy cat lady.

8.      She used to hide in the bathroom for hours to get out of chores like dishes. Immediately after dinner, she would hop up say “I have to go to the bathroom!”  She would only reemerge after the dishes were done. She still does this.

9.      She has a tendency for making you feel bad if you won’t accept her gifts. IE She never cleans the cat litter, and so in turn the cats will poo on the floor, next to the litter. She will then tell her Hubby that the cats left him a “present” and he shouldn’t complain because they made it specially for him. Messed up, right?

10.  She has a tendency to wreck every car she has ever had, knock on wood, and yet my parents still buy her cars. What?!

11.  If Rae and I gang up on her, she says we should stop being mean because she is going to need years of therapy to recover from all the damage we have caused her.

12.  She secretly wishes she were an only child because she likes all the attention for herself. This is why she bring out her parlor tricks at events (like analyzing people’s handwriting) so people will swarm her and beg her to tell them more about themselves.

13.  She loves really random movies like Lars and the Real Girl, Slither, and Into the Wilderness because it makes her feel smart…like she “gets” something others don’t.

14.  She likes to feel important. That is why you have to tell her she is “AMAZING” 20 times a day, or she will cease to exist.

15.  When Sar was younger, she was obsessed with cologne. She used to sniff my Uncle Jody who wore Polo and tell him that one day she would marry him. To this day, she is still obsessed with cologne, but not Polo.

16.  She also thought she would grow up to be the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. She is to this day, still obsessed with the color blue.

17.  She used to turn everything in my room upside down, when she was mad at me. I still get mad, just thinking about this!

18.  She needs constant reaffirmation that she is amazing that is why I am making her this list. However, she doesn’t know words, so she will probably look up the word reaffirmation.

19.  She used to sleepwalk and try and go out to the pool for a midnight swim. Luckily, Mom always caught her because I might have missed her if she drowned, only a little bit.

20.  She is obsessed with cats. One day, when she is old, she will turn into the old cat lady, and her home will be filled with poo because she never cleans the litter.

21.  She actually OWNS a tee shirt that says “It’s ALL about me.” This is the most truthful she has ever been.

22.  When we were kids, she used to follow me everywhere because I was super cool. She wanted to BE ME. Now that we are older, she still wants to be me. And I am still cool.

23.  As a child she used to have really bad hearing, so I used to just move my lips so she would think she was deaf. To this day she is still traumatized if anyone does this to her.

24.  She loves her cat more than her Hubby, but so do I!

25.  She is definitely out there, but AMAZING in her own SPECIAL NEEDS sort of way.

Me and Baby Sar, so trusting, isn't she?

Me and Baby Sar, so trusting, isn't she?



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Starting out the America’s Next Top Blogger Challenge (America’s Next Top Blogger) is Midlife Slices. I am answering the questions in no particular order, so no worries. You will all get your topics! 🙂

Midlife Slices at Midlife Slices™ wanted to know my thoughts on the Bailouts. Do I think they are good? Do I think they are bad? What DO I think?

My thoughts, peppered with a little sarcasm:

Have you lost your job? Are you scared you won’t be able to put food on the table? Forced to go on furlough? Can’t afford to pay your rent/mortgage? Lost all value in your retirement fund? Tossing and turning at night? Look on the bright side because at least all of us out there are in the same boat!

So, when I saw this video from Saturday Night Live, I figured that this video best depicted my thoughts. I also heard the best one liner regarding bailout humor, I am not sure who said it, but I think many of you would agree, it goes like this: “This is worse than a divorce – I have lost half my net worth and I am still stuck with my spouse”

Eyeblast.Tv ,Video Done Right

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America’s Next Top Blogger


A friend (GB–can you figure out what that stands for girlie b…) recently told me I have a real knack for vomiting my thoughts onto my blog. However, I must pose the question then: What else is the point of a blog, right?

GB: You vomit everything that goes through your mind onto your blog.

Me: I do? Yea, so…..

GB: Do you think that people are really interested?

Me: Yea, totally, I have a fan base out there I need to maintain.

GB: Out there in blog land?

Me: Yea, and if I missed one day, I might throw a reader’s ENTIRE day out of whack. I just couldn’t let them down like that! Plus, I have the unique ability to blog about anything. Call it talent, call it vomiting thoughts, or call it skill. You name it; I can do a blog about it. THAT is how talented I am!

So, how about it, dear readers, care to take my challenge? We can call this challenge America’s Next Top Blogger.

Challenge: To everyone that comments on this post with a topic, I will do a post about it–and the most popular/creative topic, with the most comments/votes wins, so you can observe my AMAZING abilities firsthand or judge it as upchuck. Your call.

Directions: Vote as amazing abilities or upchuck in the comments section, based of the topic provided by the reader. Topic with the most comments/votes wins.

Winner: Will be awarded the award of America’s Next Top Blogger: will get a whole post about their blog, with a link to their blog and must pass on the tradition of America’s Next Top Blogger–to encourage bloggers everywhere that THEY ARE INTERESTING AND THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

(Please keep it clean, my Mom reads this blog)


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What do you think?

Hubby is still away….so no tormenting him. Hacim was so popular that I will tell you a bit more about him.

Over the summer, as Hubby and I were moving from the East Coast, we stopped and spent a few days with Hacim and his girl. It was great to hang out with them and we had some very funny conversations. One of them being the topic of marriage. Hacim and his girl have been together for awhile now (and I think they are a good match), and just to get under his skin I brought it up. In my defense though, he brings up the baby topic. Which is yucky to me. I like kids, but the thought of having one come out and stretch out my you know what doesn’t appeal to me. (Ok, judge away). Plus I am not a baby fan. I like to hang out and give them back. That is it. So, basically we know how to thoroughly annoy each other.

However, this time when we were talking about marriage he acutally wanted to talk about it.

Hacim: I found the perfect ring for when I get married.

His girl (rolling her eyes): WAIT til you see what he wants.

Me: I am excited! Show me.

His girl: GUESS where he found this “supposed ring” he wants!?

Me: Where?

Hacim: THE SKY MALL magazine!

His girl: ugh.

So we then go online and he shows me the ring of his dreams. It is funny, usually it is the girl that is excited for the jewelry, right? But, as Hacim showed me the picture, his eyes lit up with excitement, joy, and adoration.

Here it is:


Me: OMG this is hilarious. When you were saying you wanted a Batman ring, I was thinking a decoder ring. You know you point it at the wall and then a big B is on the wall.

I never laughed so hard…..but now I kind of like it.

So, what do you all think? Could this pass for a wedding ring?


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The Rules Continued


We all were sitting around talking when I smelled it….sniff, sniff….the foul smell of dirty cat litter came wafting through my nose. YUCK. I can’t explain it, but there is something about this smell that just makes me want to gag. And I have smelled a lot of foul smells (namely the ones that come out of the bathroom after Hubby has been in there—but that is another blog), but nothing compares to dirty cat litter. We have two cats and a really cool Kitty Hut, which Hubby built for the cats with a ledge for them to step on ( see pic below).  So, usually the smells are enclosed. But the other night….whooo the smell was bad.

Me (screaming excitedly): NOT IT! NOT IT! NOT IT!

Hubby: What are you even talking about? You are crazy!

Me: The cat litter, I don’t want to clean it…you have too! I said NOT it…you know, it is in the rules! Remember, last one to call it has to clean up? (I shouldn’t have to remind him…he knows THE RULES).

Hubby (rolling his eyes): That doesn’t count! It only counts on cat vomit. (See Previous Post: https://goodbadandugly2.wordpress.com/2008/10/22/the-rules/)

Me: No it does not! It counts on everything.

Obviously, Hubby and I need to go back to the marriage contract, where I can SHOW him…he will need to re-read the fine print and the NOT IT RULE. There are no surprises, he knows the rules, I mean geez we have been married for a long time now…he was just jealous that he didn’t remember to proclaim them first! Rules are rules—and I am sticking to them. NOT IT, Hubby! NOT IT, NOT IT, NOT IT!

Isn’t he lucky to have me? I think so!

Below is Kitty Hut…in all it’s glory….



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