My Most Prized Possession

So this past weekend, Honorary Brother in Law (HBIL), came in from Vancouver for a visit because it was his brothers’ and my sisters’, Middlechildadvice\’s Blog , birthday bash celebration. We had a great time celebrating everyone’s birthdays and hanging out with the various family members.

However, I was less than pleased to see HBIL because we weren’t really on speaking terms.

Why you ask?

Well, HBIL had the audacity to tell me that he went to a Britney Spear’s Concert and basically sat so close to the stage he could have touched her  (he is a closet Britney fan AND he works for the radio) and DID NOT TAKE ME! Then he puts all these amazing pictures up on his facebook page, just to rub it in my face. RUDE, right?

This is how close he was....

This is how close he was....

I love you Britney

I love you Britney

Me: I am not talking to you or listening to you on the radio anymore.

HBIL: I would have invited you, BUT I didn’t think you had a passport.

Me: I HAVE a passport.

HBIL (smiling craftily): Oh……well……. I did get you a present.

Me (clearly SUPER EXCITED): OMG, what is it? Did you get me her autograph?

HBIL: No better……..

Me: Well, what is it?

HBIL: (pulling out something slowly and dramatically on purpose)


ACTUAL confetti from Britney's concert!

ACTUAL confetti from Britney's concert!

Me: What is this?

HBIL: It is a piece of confetti from Britney’s concert, but not just ANY piece of confetti, this piece Britney actually LOOKED at…while it dropped from the sky and I grabbed one for you …knowing you would treasure it always!

And that dear readers, is why I am no longer mad at HBIL. For now.



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7 responses to “My Most Prized Possession

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  2. I wonder if the confetti has any magical powers, being is it is blessed by Britney’s seeing it and all. You should try it out – maybe it’ll make Britney walk out of your closet or something!

  3. Terra

    FRAME this and hang it on your wall our set it on your nightstand 🙂

  4. Hubby needs to make a mental note . . . if all it takes is confetti from the sky, then why worry about pennies from heaven? ;^)

    HBIL should have embellished, just a little, and told you it came from a handful of confetti she’d picked up and tossed out at the crowd.

    Does that make me a bad person? If so, I must say, I’m still in awe of your genuis.

  5. avomnia: And I totally would have BELIEVED that Brit touched it too… glad you aren’t my HBIL! 🙂

  6. omg, i may of misplaced my treasured gold one! really sad!

  7. The Last Post

    I am so jealous, if you ever put it up for sale on ebay you’ll make a fortune.

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