Weed Invasions and the Wonderful World of Rocks

A couple of weeks ago, I took a furlough day. What did I do with this wonderful day? I picked weeds.

(Note: Apparently, the NOT IT rule doesn’t work on weed picking. I want to see that fine print, Hubby.)


I used to think it would be amazing to live in the desert because of the lack of lawn maintenance, especially after moving from CT, where we had a yard the size of a medium jungle. Which was OH SO MUCH fun to maintain. So, once we got out West, I had a new-found passion for rocks. You know good ol’ rocks. You don’t have to mow them, you don’t have to clean them, you don’t have to maintain them. They simply just sit there and look pretty, so I thought.


BOY WAS I WRONG. How, you ask?

An infestation of weeds. We are not talking little, tiny weeds we are talking BIG, GYNORMOUS, HUGE Tree weeds. And not only are they HUGE, but their roots and stalks are the width of a paper towel roll. WHA?

Moral of Story: I HATE rocks. They are evil, they are NOT easy to maintain, and I guess I am just not cut out for yard work. AND I am lazy.



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6 responses to “Weed Invasions and the Wonderful World of Rocks

  1. It’s not the rocks’ fault though, you know. Weeds are horrible, they can actually CUT THROUGH rocks over the years. I feel rather sorry for your rocks, because now they’re getting grief both from the damned weeds and from you for blaming them!
    Poor rocks :(.

  2. I’m afraid the NOTIT Rule does apply to the activity of weeding, as it clearly deals with the removal or eradication of an undesirable element of natural occurence.

    The only instance where the NOTIT Rule may not apply, in this particular adjudication, is when it becomes necessary to light a candle in the bathroom, after . . . you know. That responsibility falls squarely on the issuer and not innocent recipients.

    And I need a Ruling Of Genuis from you, GBU. See my comment entry from the Interviewing Writers post.

  3. JW: I am glad you aren’t my Hubby…your ability to counter against the rules…well, it just isn’t logical. I am right. End of story. 🙂

  4. slightly: you give a good arguement…I won’t blame the rocks anymore.. 🙂

  5. delaney55

    Do you have the weed barrier stuff under the rocks? It helps if you don’t have it but will be a pain to put down now. You’d basically have to do it all over again but at least the weeds wouldn’t win especially if you use the really heavy duty sheets. Don’t let the weeds rule!

  6. Hugh Jass

    Salt the earth. There you go…another MAN trying to solve your problems. Where were we when you needed us huh?

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