4 AM Wakeup Call


4:00 AM wakeup call on my furlough day. NOT COOL.


Americus started the ruckus by swinging at the blinds in our room, over my head. I tried not to move. Any signs of movement….and they will pounce, if they notice. I believe the cats sit up on on their hind legs, extend a paw, slash the blinds and stare at my head….waiting for signs of movement. If they see that their efforts are in vain, then they begin phase 2: stomach walking (crushing) and licking of eyelids–that usually does the trick, movement is unavoidable. Trust me on this one, sandpaper tongue on your eyelids isn’t the best feeling.

It is SO on……



Pets: 2    Me: 0

Why don’t they do this when Hubby is here?


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6 responses to “4 AM Wakeup Call

  1. cats are man’s best friend.

    a woman’s best friend . . . I have no clue. Can’t think cats are too high up on the list though, sorry.

  2. Otto: I love cats….just not in the mornings….

  3. Terra

    Sounds like Gilligan! He wakes up every morning 5am, MEOWS for a few minutes…then when he realizes this tactic is not working he jumps off the bed and scratches at the door pretending he wants out. I get to annoyed after a few minutes and he knows I will get up, he then runs over to his food bowl. I swear he’s useless…he just uses me for food!

  4. steppingthru

    Never had my cat lick my eyelid. Pete just nudges me with his head until I move or throw him off the bed, then the fun begins. I’ve cursed him many a morning!

  5. delaney55

    It’s sort of like the “Simon’s Cat” videos. I think it is a cat’s requirement to watch those and learn all the tips and tricks. I have a cat that licks my eyelids and it definitely isn’t fun and sure fire way to stop your faking being asleep.

    You need to just pack it in lady, they are gonna win and my money (what little I have) is on them especially Americus. Oh and to answer your question, they always love momma more! Aren’t we lucky?

  6. Steph

    Lol. sounds almost the same as what my 22pd maincoon does to me.. he will meow and meow and then when that does no good….a silence for a moment and then a sudden crash and dash from him. the little punk pounces on my head and bults off so i cant grab him. such a brat

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