Love is Patient…


Over the weekend, I was procrastinating. This entailed moving at a snail-like pace….barely getting ready to go out. Hubby wanted to take my car in because it has been acting funny.

Me (playing at the computer, caught in the act)

Hubby (meanly): WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET DONE. I don’t want to wait in long lines to get your car done!

Me(surprised he caught me): I am just taking a quick break, you were in my way!

Me: Clearly we need a break from each other! I can’t wait for you to leave this week!

Hubby: Me Too! How does leaving tomorrow for two weeks sound?

Me: That is just not soon enough!

And that is how much we love each other….ha ha


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5 responses to “Love is Patient…

  1. delaney55

    Hey, it happens. Hubz and I have been together for 35yrs with 32yrs of that married. Lots of ups and downs especially in the first 15 or so. We still have them but they are fewer and far between. You get there with some work, lots of patience and forgiveness but it is worth it. Hang in there.

  2. Aw, come on, you know you’ll miss each other once you’re apart! He’ll miss your sweetness and you’ll miss his cooking and tolerance :).

  3. I wonder if the Hostage has any inkling?

  4. JW: He is aware of the situation…but playing coy. Don’t worry I will capture him soon.

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