When Hubby is Away the Cat will Play….

So, Hubby is out and about again on some consulting work. It is quite exciting really, because I get the bed to myself for 2 weeks. However, I will miss annoying him.  The truth is, I already (kind of) miss him…but don’t tell him that!

Whenever Hubby goes out of town, the pets always tend to act up a little. For instance, after getting up at 4:30AM to take Hubby to the airport, I decided to let Patches out quick to go potty and then my plan was to go straight back to bed. However, Americus, had other plans. There I was opening the door for Patches to come back in (just a crack mind you). When out runs Americus.


Me: Americus get back in here!

So, I run out after her, inadvertantly shutting the door behind me, which I had conviently locked. (Not genius material, people)

So there I am outside, locked out, with Americus staring up at me. I wanted to strangle her.

Eventually, I broke in through an open window. However, this is strike one against her. It’s like she KNOWS Hubby is away and figures it is her job to keep me entertained….nice right?


Pets: 1             Me: 0sneaky-cat


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6 responses to “When Hubby is Away the Cat will Play….

  1. Ouch. Well, two weeks to tie it up and take the lead. 😉

  2. I’ll put my money on you to win this one. enjoy sleeping diagonally in the bed!

  3. Mom

    I am so sorry, but I had to steal one of your cat photos for my blog. It was a wonderful picture, I will link back here to your babies. I love the dog, we have a collie too, they are just wonderful.

    I subscribed to your blog too, it’s quite funny.

  4. delaney55

    You know you aren’t going to win, right? They out number you and they can gang up on you and probably will. It will be interesting to see what they have planned next.

  5. delaney: that is what I am afraid of……..I know I will lose this battle! Plain and simple, I am outnumbered…

  6. Hahaha. 13 more days to go. They’re just getting warmed up.

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