July 15th: National Call in Sick Day


Do you know what day that is? The day I will be calling in sick for this: WOO HOO

In case you could not already tell, I am a bit of a HP fanatic.


Harry Potter here I come! And let the countdown begin.

(Note: Thanks Bookishpenguin for the date change!)



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5 responses to “July 15th: National Call in Sick Day

  1. bookishpenguin

    It got moved up to July 15!!

  2. Oh noes 😦 The books are better, though! I know, I know, Alan Rickman [and in this movie especially] but still, it’s not the same. All the kids are annoying in the movies :(…

  3. slightly: I don’t disagree the books ARE better…but I LOVE HP! The movies are good!

  4. bookishpenguin

    The books are definitely of higher quality than the films (I wrote my master’s thesis on HP), but there was going to be NO way they’d be able to get everything in the books into the films. The films would all be like five hours long (not that I’d complain).

  5. I sooo can not wait to see this one!

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