The Marriage Proposal

The following recollection was inspired by real events that took place about 4.5 years ago. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

Hubby: I can’t wait for you to come home; I have a surprise for you. (Background: I had been working in another state for about 3 months…so he really missed me)

Me: OOO OOO did you get me my Harry Potter Golden Snitch Lamp?!!!! I need it!

Hubby: No, not exactly, but I think you will like this….

Upon arriving home a few days later…

Hubby: Come upstairs and look at your surprise.

Here is a picture of my “surprise” (It was a Hope chest that he made me, by hand–yea he is pretty crafty)


Me: Oh wow, that is cool. Is my HP lamp inside?

Hubby: Open it up.

Me: Ok

There was a ring with flower petals strewn about.

Hubby: Will you marry me?

Me: Yes, but can I still have my Harry Potter lamp?

Moral of Story: We got married; and I got my HP lamp! See what a good Hubby I have?! See, I CAN be romantic! 🙂



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7 responses to “The Marriage Proposal

  1. wow…and sentimental too…thanks for sharing this touching moment with all of us…i feel the need to go find a hallmark card now

  2. So moving … such a tender story … and you’re so emotive about it … 😉

  3. Buuwwhahahahahaha…
    Glad to see there was follow thru with the lamp!

  4. silentorchestra

    aw your hubby is super sweet… and I love that you were all about the lamp… the whole time… lol

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  6. C.A.Margonper

    Oh, woman!!! The guy gives a ring and you ask about that what-its-name lamp???


    Now, seriously, I find it really cute.:-)

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