Strange Encounters at Hooter’s


NOTE: Not meant to offend any preggo readers. But, I hope none of you work at Hooters!

My friend and I went out to lunch today. She was craving a burger, and the closest burger joint near our work is Hooters. So, I suggested we go there for lunch. She was excited because she LOVES Hooter’s girls. She is dirty like that. (I am just kidding, she is going to KILL me for writing this, but I kinda have a deathwish)

Anyways, we get there and are quickly seated, despite me staring and whispering…

Me: DID you see that preggo Hooter’s girl. Weird place to work for a preggo, don’t you think? (My whisper voice is kinda loud)

Friend: SHHHHHH THIS is why I can’t go anywhere with you!

And GUESS what happens?

Preggo becomes our waitress. I just couldn’t stop staring at her belly. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not passing judgement on the preggos. I even have some friends that are preggo. More power to them, but preggo and working at Hooters? Well, hmmmm just a little awkward. I mean she was OBVIOUSLY preggo, not just a little. Her belly was practically on our table. So, anyways there I am just staring at her belly, while she asks what we want to drink, thinking that maybe her baby is going to have to start working at Hooters once s/he is born. Poor thing. Hopefully it is a girl. And what if her water breaks here at Hooters? Is that a health hazard? (These are the questions that go through my mind. I just can’t help it.)

When my friend points out that we were obligated to have her as our waitress because

1. We are the only girls in the place besides the waitstaff

2. We were probably her best source of tip money today because what guy comes to Hooters to have a preggo waitress? AWKWARD

So, then I felt bad for her. But, I also felt discriminated against. I mean, so what…just cause we are girls, we can’t get a real Hooters girl? Total discrimination if you ask me. My friend is still disappointed she didn’t get to ogle any waitresses. Ah, maybe next time.

AND, just so you know, I left Preggo a good tip. I hope she can quit her day job!


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6 responses to “Strange Encounters at Hooter’s

  1. You know, I’ve been seeing a lot of pregnant women walking around in tummy-shirts lately as well…

  2. I so love that you don’t have an internal monologue button!

  3. I didn’t realize it was so bad for you two. Our regular waitress at Hooters for lunch today (we followed you two) had a trainee today and they were both so amazing. We got double what we were expecting! We started hitting on them, naturally. Steve was the astronaut, and I was the Phoenix Suns point guard. Believe it or not, actually, we didn’t get very far with them.

  4. water breaking in a restaurant i think is a health hazard. i’m pretty sure. some of the aussie guys here have delusions about “good ol’ american Hooters gals.” i’ll have to tell them about the preggo ones.

  5. Lori

    Oh God, did they make her wear the usual Hooters attire?! That poor girl. She must really need that job. I can’t imagine putting on orange hot pants–well, ever–but it is even more inconceivable when pregnant!

  6. Lori: Yes! She had on the WHOLE Hooter’s outfit! It was terrible and awkward.

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