Not Sorry!


Dear Mr Crabby Pants (AKA Hubby),

I am not saying  sorry. You are being a crabby, old grouch today. I have nothing to apologize for. YOU are the one that is being short tempered and PMSY. Not me. (I am not even on the rag. Anymore.) Until you can behave yourself and be nice, I will just stay out of your way. Maybe you should take a nap or sit in the corner by yourself til you can be nice! So, eat my shorts.

P.S. Despite your ill mannered behavior, I am still more than happy to get rid of you drive you to the airport.


Your loving, cutest, and nicest wife you will EVER have who IS NOT saying sorry.


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8 responses to “Not Sorry!

  1. steppingthru

    Ha, ha, ha, ha………take that Mr. Crabby Pants!
    (You are so funny!)

  2. Nothing better then having the whole bed to yourself…..why is that women never seem to be able to say sorry even though they get CRABBY for 7 days a month…..hmmmmmmmmm Zman sends

  3. hahaha eat my shorts!!!

  4. That’s going to be a fun drive to the airport I bet.
    You: Grouch.
    Hubby: *Stony silence*
    You: I’m NOT saying sorry.
    Hubby: *More stony silence*
    You: Hmpf.

  5. slightly: Maybe you should take Hubby for me 🙂

  6. The Last Post

    Your post is so funny, I love your sense of humour. 🙂

  7. delaney55

    What our poor, poor hubbys have to go through to live with us perfect wives to whom they should have to bow down to on a regular basis.

    Hubby? (mine) are you listening….Hubby?!

  8. sauerkraut

    Are you offering him cotton or digestables?

    You sound so like mine… funny how those crotcheties always seem to keep on returning.

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