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Not Sorry!


Dear Mr Crabby Pants (AKA Hubby),

I am not saying  sorry. You are being a crabby, old grouch today. I have nothing to apologize for. YOU are the one that is being short tempered and PMSY. Not me. (I am not even on the rag. Anymore.) Until you can behave yourself and be nice, I will just stay out of your way. Maybe you should take a nap or sit in the corner by yourself til you can be nice! So, eat my shorts.

P.S. Despite your ill mannered behavior, I am still more than happy to get rid of you drive you to the airport.


Your loving, cutest, and nicest wife you will EVER have who IS NOT saying sorry.


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The Night of the Great Litter Crisis


Being the good wife that I am (don’t gasp in shock), I meandered around the house gathering all the trash for trash night….which included the dreaded task of cleaning the litter box. Yea, hard to believe, but you guys should be proud of me; I didn’t even shout NOT IT! So there I am sifting then dumping all the disgusting pee balls and poop logs (yea, I feel as though you need a visual) when lo and behold, I go to grab the fresh litter container…and barely anything comes out. Not even enough to cover the bottom of the litter pan. For you non-cat owners it is like someone putting back a basically empty milk container into the fridge and you go to grab a nice, refreshing glass of milk and all that is left are droplets. Yea, I know….THE AUDACITY! So, then that evil demon cat, Americus decides to take a nice pee in that barely- there litter. What is her deal? I mean whenever we clean out the litter…it is like vultures circling their prey, I don’t know what it is about my cats and fresh litter…but they will not allow it to stay fresh. It is like a cardinal sin to them. I will never understand this.

So I tell hubby to run and get some….but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without me? I don’t know where this fear of going out alone comes from….but there is no way I am getting into that car (I mean I WAS doing CHORES WITHOUT BEING ASKED—give me some props here).  So, we glare at each other…I even try the NOT IT rule. Doesn’t work. I am afraid, dear readers, Hubby is reading the blog too much and starting a revolt against this NOT IT rule. I will not be defeated by Hubby’s obstinance…..I can reign him back in with favors! ( I hope).

Anyways, we are still in crisis mode……no solutions…yet. It is a standoff of the great litter crisis. Only the strong can survive. Better call Rae to save the day.


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