I definately have the strangest pets ever. They all have a tendency to copy each other. It is pretty funny. I have no idea why they do this, but I do know that Boston thinks he is a dog and Patches thinks she is a cat and Americus mostly thinks she is a cat too!

Every day when I come home from work, Boston is waiting for me to come home at exactly the right time. How does he know this?

Boton waiting for me to come home!

Boton waiting for me to come home!

 Patches, on the other hand, thinks she is a cat…

Patches the chair cat

Patches the chair cat

So, Boston has to reclaim his chair as soon as she gets up…

MY chair..

MY chair..

Also, Boston refuses to drink from his own water dish…he prefers the dog dish.

mmm dog water...

mmm dog water...

So, then Americus see this and must partake too….

hmmm not so sure about this...

hmmm not so sure about this...

Very strange pets, indeed.


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8 responses to “Copycats…

  1. sauer kraut

    cats are the strangest. my new one prefers the terlet bowl to a fresh bowl of water. even wipes the dirt off the top before sticking his face in there!

  2. scrapper26

    I don’t have any pets but I see this as different… hmmmmmmmm… they are adorable though so that makes it ok!

  3. it’s a good thing they don’t have thumbs! imagine the trouble they’d get into…

  4. My cats are totally like this too! One sits down, the other must too. One is acting crazy and knocking stuff over, the other must too.
    I’m pretty sure the chair thing is simply that Boston, like my Spartacus, is a bully disguised as a cute kitty-cat, and must reclaim his territory. Constantly. Always.

  5. Yes, pets are strange. My Boxer listens for the cuckoo clock to know when it’s time to for me to come home.

  6. Yeah my dog will sit by the door when it comes time for someone to come home..almost like they can tell time..its weird …Zman sends

  7. Animals (dogs & cats) have amazing internal clocks and they remember biologically when their favorite owner usually comes home. That’s why they sit there waiting for you when you normally get home from work or like when the kids get home from school. Also, they have spectacular hearing and know the sound of your car and the cadence of your footsteps.

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