Why I’m Amazing…

gold-star1. I drive Hubby to the airport ALL.THE.TIME.

2. I actually made dinner tonight…and it wasn’t cereal…but it was cereal-like.

3. I am getting up to workout even on my furlough days…1 month and counting!

4. I did my dishes after dinner!

5. I did laundry.

6. I managed to play Dr. Mario against the Japanese….but they are too good. I cried.

7. I didn’t kill Hubby yesterday even though he was being a brat!

8. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!

9. Hubby is headed somewhere where it is going to snow and I am wearing shorts and flip flops; I will be torturing him with my text messages.

10. I am going to lounge around tomorrow.

Do I get a gold star now?



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10 responses to “Why I’m Amazing…

  1. i get a gold star for thinking about doing the dishes. imagine what i would get if i actually did them? you deserve 10 gold stars. i’ll give you mine because i took the entire week off last week from my workout. bad bad girl.

  2. HaHa 🙂 You Rock!!

  3. Gold Star Hmmm.. lets see…oh alright

    *Zman hands gold star over in front of whole class*
    Sounds like a full day you must have needed a nap …Zman sends

  4. sauerkraut

    just shorts and flip flops, eh? the wimmins don’t wear shirts where you are?


  5. 10 amazing things =’s 10 gold stars… If this was a gameshow at this point, I’d yell — AND A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!!!

  6. Lori

    I’m sorry the Japanese made you cry 😦

  7. Those are all extremely valid reasons for being amazing. I give you three [count ’em, THREE] gold stars!

  8. I think you deserve TWO gold stars. Maybe you could wear them like pasties…then you could add that to your ‘reasons why you’re amazing’ list!

  9. The Last Post

    You definately get a gold star from me, especially for number 5 on your list. My least favourite task.

  10. Hey GBU . . . Dbacks WIN!

    I would have been at opening day today. But I think there is sublime genius to your outward laziness for the day.

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