Stay Tuned….


For some EXCITING news!

I have enjoyed blogging SO much that I am going to move to my own site!

Impressive, right?

What’s the catch?

There is none….it is just that Hubby was about to divorce me over my constant blogging…until I convinced him that I could (maybe) make money off of advertisements on my blog. So the hope is that maybe some poor, willing soul will click on some ads and I will make 75 cents, and Hubby will forget my blogging obsession! Good plan, right?

So many of you readers have been so supportive, amazing, and overfed  fed my ego constantly that I decided I needed to reward you! So, thanks for sticking with me and encouraging me and I hope you will follow me to my new site! And due to this EXCTING NEWS, I will be having my FIRST EVER giveaway. That’s right, people, free stuff. EVERYONE likes free stuff!

And this isn’t just any free stuff…this is life-changing free stuff. I know, I can hardly contain it! Just trust me on this one, this giveaway will be one of the most amazing EVER! So, stay tuned….for some exciting developments coming soon and a new website address. Like maybe early next week, if I can get everything in order and stop being a major procrastinator!

 Be ready to change your bookmarks and tell your friends because you are gonna WANT what I am giving away…..I want it myself! So STAY TUNED! 🙂




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8 responses to “Stay Tuned….

  1. delaney55

    I will eagerly be waiting to see what you are having for your giveaway and to see the new website. How exciting for you!

  2. Oh! How exciting? Who plan on registering your domain with and where are you looking to host it?
    I have suggestions if you’d like. 🙂
    (Just trying to be helpful, not pushy.)

  3. Interesting. I’ve always wondered about making money blogging but never really gave it much consideration. Maybe I should…especially with the economy being the way it is! LOL

  4. That’s awesome! I’m hopin that I have my giveaway very soon if I enjoy they’re product enough (but c’mon, I know I will!)- but congrats! That is exciting!

  5. The Last Post

    This all sounds very exciting, looking forward to seeing your new internet site.

  6. scrapper26

    Whooohooo I am excited and will add some new bookmarks! 🙂

  7. C.A.Margonper

    Good luck!

    *anxiously tapping fingers waiting for the free stuff*


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