The Rules

Hubby and I are lying in bed reading. All of the sudden we hear the noise. The gagging, vomiting of Boston (cat) who previously just finished scarfing down his dry food. (I think he might be bulimic.) We stare at each other in disgust for a moment until I remember the GOLDEN RULE!

Me (proclaiming vehemently):  NOT  IT!

Hubby: What?! Why do I have to do it? I made lunches*!

Me: You know the rules! Whoever cries “not it” first doesn’t have to do it.

Me, Patches and Boston all stare while he (gaggingly) cleans it up.

Hubby: Enjoy the show?

And this, my friends, is why we should not ever have children! Because maturity was never one of my strong suits! J But, clearly, calling NOT IT is in the marriage rulebook—section, how to get out of gross things, right?


*Note: Lunches is a most hated task in our household, which whomever has the task can hold over the other in anticipation of getting out of any other hated task, however calling “NOT IT” trumps all—kinda like having a WILD card when playing UNO!


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12 responses to “The Rules

  1. Sarah

    I didn’t know about this “Not It” rule…Alan just acts like he never sees the vomit. Whatever

  2. That is because you are still considered “newlyweds!”
    This is TOTALLY a RULE. Just inform Alan, and if that doesn’t work start sticking the vomit in his shoes.. 😉

  3. TheGoodKid

    I have a cat who vomits about every other time he eats. I didn’t think of him as being bulimic until I read your post. That’s too funny. I also think I’ll start crying “not it” as well. Good stuff.

  4. amandacake

    Oh this is too funny. I’m going to have to employ the “not it” rule around my house.

    Now that I think about it, if I wait more than 30 seconds after my cat yacks (she’s an emotional eater) the dog usually call first dibs…ewww.

    Oh well I’ll just have to find something else to use it on.

  5. It is official, I am now employing the “Not It” rule EVERY time one of the dogs gets sick and poops on my carpet. Will can handle it

  6. AWESOME, NOT IT works every time! 🙂

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  8. Hysterical. I may have to adopt this. You could one up him and try to outdo each other on the most-despised task: lunches. I find if I start pretending it’s not so bad, it becomes…not so bad. Well, sometimes.

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  10. iambrowneyedgirl

    Hmm…wonder if this rule will work with my hubby?

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