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Live Encounters with March Madness


I enjoy a good basketball like everyone else, and March Madness time is just plain fun. Especially when you have teams you love. Since we already established, that I am an AZ WILDCAT fanatic, I am pretty excited to root for my Cats.

But yesterday, at lunch, I had my first real encounter with a real-life march madness team! And what did I do…I made a complete.fool.of.myself.

Eh, at least I am memorable, right? 🙂

So, I am standing in line when I notice 4 really tall guys wearing basketball shorts. When they turn around and they are all wearing shirts that say UCONN. I immediately text Hubby.

ME: Is UCONN playing HERE?

Hubby’s text: Yes

Whoa! This is so cool. So I decide I should talk to the UCONN boys, I mean I LIVED there one year ago. We are practically family, right?

Walking over cooly

Me: Hey, do you guys play for UCONN? (forget the fact that they are all practically wearing the EXACT.SAME.OUTFIT.)

Boys (looking at me like I speak Japanese–which I don’t, btw): Yea

Me: Cool. I used to live there.

I casually walk away (obviously not a genius day)

I then told this story to Hubby. His response:

DUH. They were all wearing UCONN shirts.





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My First Tacky Ornament Party

So, at work this week they have what you call a Tacky Ornament Party. I have never been to one before, and normally when I think tacky I think one of two things:

1. How tacky is tacky? DEFINE because I can probably get really tacky

2. I can always hit tacky, but probably also rub in how great the school I went to is compared to the arch enemy university I now work for…..you know, hit below the belt. I am just mean like that…

So, after struggling for some time, I came up with my first tacky ornament…it might not win any prize, but it does foster my love for my University of Arizona Wildcats! Poor Wilbur he is made out of a wine bottle ….

Wilber the Wildcat! Even Santa loves him!

Wilber the Wildcat! Even Santa loves him!

Wilber from behind (note his A cape and his tail)

Wilber from behind (note his A cape and his tail)

Well, there you have it folks….no worries, I won’t quit my day job, just yet!

Oh yea, and I offered to make Hubby one for his office at work too…you know to get him in the Tacky Ornament Spirit…but he turned me down…..guess he wasn’t impressed with my artistic skills! 😉


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Demolition in the Desert

Note: Hubby’s nice post is being delayed due to the happenings of this weekend. 🙂


This weekend, we packed up our bags and headed to Tucson. It was the great game rivalry of ASU (BOO) versus U of A (GO CATS). Since Hubby and I both went to undergrad at U of A, we decided we would head down there and see if we could get some tickets to THE GAME. (I had been complaining all week because I heard it was sold out—but sometimes a true fan needs to take risks). Plus we decided it would be more fun to go to a bar in Tucson to root for our beloved Wildcats then hang out in Phoenix with all the scum devils. So, Friday night we jumped in the car and headed to Tucson. As soon as we got close, I could feel the amazing WILDCAT energy in the air and knew we had made the right decision. We headed to our old drinking place Kon Tiki. This place hands out drinks the size of a small swimming pool. They are called scorpion bowls and are AMAZING. Here is me drinking my bowl…but not wanting the picture.


That night we found a hotel and decided we would get up early and try and see if we could get some tickets. We meandered around the campus and went to the box office and much to our excitement there were (a few) tickets left…which we quickly snatched up! We were both so excited. We then wandered around for a bit and watched the tailgaters set up. Hubby was in hog heaven at this point because he loves tailgating and wanted to observe these “true tailgators” I mean it was intense. There were people in HUGE RVs with HUGE grills and all kinds of set ups with their U of A tents, bowls, flags, and stickers. It was awesome (after being at Yale for the last 3 years…..Hubby hadn’t seen a real tailgate in awhile). People were having a great time and the best part was the Wildcat energy that was in the air. It was electrifying…we knew that those lame scum devils were going to be sent home crying.


Watching all the rivalry type shirts was fun too….there was the ASWho shits…the ASUCKS…the You bet your sweet ass I hate those sun devils…well you get my point. Another funny thing was watching all the girls that hoochified their t-shirts. Our friend said, and I quote “you gotta love the sorostitutes.” So as you can imagine, the people watching was pretty fun!


Finally, it was game time! We met up with some old friends and went inside. All I can say is AWESOME.


We had the BEST time and OF COURSE the Wildcats won! The final score: 31 Wildcats to 10 Scum devils. I think one of my favorite parts was when the scum devils in the bleachers had no more snide comments because they knew they had been SLAPPED. And then the field was rushed…..

life-020 It was an awesome time, a great game and I have to say I miss good ol Tucson.




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