Happy People and Me

Yea, so this isn’t really a surprise, but I am not a huge people person. But, you know what kind I can’t stand? The crazy, happy morning ones that are so chipper you just want to strangle them, yea you know what I am talking about, dontcha?   I think they are just plain psycho and they just plain annoy me. They stifle me with their quest for everlasting cheeriness. With that being said, one of my friends sent me the BEST.VIDEO.EVER. on those types of crazy people. And I am going to share it with you all because I think it will put a smile on your faces. So, enjoy it and next time you run into one of these types of crazy, happy people you will remember this amazing video!


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5 responses to “Happy People and Me

  1. LOL! So freaking true!

  2. delaney55

    I am so not a morning person. My best work schedule was actually when I worked 3rd shift. I have very screwed up bio-rhythms I guess because now that I am semi-retired I find myself staying up all night and snoozing starting about 7am. That’s also the good part about about getting older and the kids are grown, you can sleep when you want.

  3. steppingthru

    This is hilarious and as someone married to one of those annoying chipper people I can truthfully say that this just may save my marriage. I’ll only give it to Coach early in the morning. Just enough to get me through about 2 hours without his cheerfulness! Oh Thank You so much!

  4. This is great! Love happy people, I too become tired of people who seem to be falsely over the top.

  5. fhios

    Ah that video made my day 🙂 Brilliant. There really should be some sort of ban on morning cheeriness. No one wants to be face with a bright smiling face before their coffee!

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