Hubby’s Weird Obsession


Hubby has the weirdest obsession with plate sets and dishes. When we were registering, after we got engaged, Hubby literally had to drag me kicking and screaming to register for things. I just didn’t care. I don’t know why. I really couldn’t care less what our dishes looked like or how many place settings we had. But, Hubby cared. Boy, did he care. So, it was a big DEAL a few days ago when he accidentally broke one of our everyday plates from our set.

Me: Hubby, it’s no big deal. We can buy another plate!

Hubby: NO, it IS a big deal. We had place settings for 8; now we can only serve 7.

Me ( I know the world is coming to an end right): Hubby, I am sure you can find another plate. Or we can just buy another different kind of plate.

Hubby(clearly obsessed and running to the computer to search): I CANNOT believe I dropped that plate! Damn you ebay…..I can’t find that exact model.

He is still searching as I type. He is obsessed. Weirdo.

I guess now is not a good time to try and re-broach selling our China we got. This is how the  arguement usually goes:

Me: Hubby, let’s sell our China.

Hubby: No! We might use it someday!

ME: WE NEVER USE IT. And maybe we can make some money off of it. IT ISN’T even passed down…it is just something from the store!

Hubby: SOMEDAY we are going to use it!

Me: OMG we have been married FOREVER and we haven’t even taken it out of the boxes. It is STILL in your parents’ garage from when it was delivered!



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6 responses to “Hubby’s Weird Obsession

  1. scrapper26

    This is a funny post. I decided against China for that very reason- do we ever use it? My mom had none and my Grandma did. It has sat in the china cabinet for 30 + years with all of us just looking at it. I did get some nice fancy dishes on clearance to dress up my formal dining room (whenever I get one) and it is in the box at my Mom’s house where it has been for the past 5 years.

  2. Hubby

    The reason the china is still at my parent’s house is because we do not own a house yet. There fore we do not want to move it around, and if wifey gets her hands on it she is going to sell them.

  3. Hubby: Once I get my HANDS on that China it is over…you WILL want do DIVORCE me. Or how about you get the China in the divorce? I won’t even fight you on this.. 🙂

  4. the boxes of china make good end tables. that’s how we use ours.

  5. My first wife and I fought like cats and dogs over the registration and picking flatware, dinnerware, glasses, sheets … everything.

    Now I know how weird I was to care. 😉

  6. Isn’t breaking a plate good luck, though? And seven is supposed to be a good-luck number too… Wait a minute, I know what this means! It means you’ll never NEED to serve more than 7! It’s some sort of bizarre and unnecessary divine intervention!

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