Ask Hubby


Hubby has been tinkering away at his so called first blog, but he can’t seem to make up his mind on a topic. Like there are a lack of things to talk about? I can think of a multitude of topics, especially talking about his amazing, loving, genius and cute wifey. So, it is your turn readers…..I am going to turn over the reigns to Hubby…but just for one blog (we all know he won’t be as popular as me), since he does seem to want to share some of his side of the story.

I have decided he should get inspired, by you dear readers! So ask away, and I will make him answer each and every one of your amazing questions….you know (i.e. how amazing is your wife? How do you live in her shadow? She seems like the perfect wife, how did you find her?) Hopefully this will probe his little brain and make him reflect on how really lucky he is to have me….

Right Hubby? Cause I am pretty perfect!


So, don’t disappoint me readers, I feel the need to be entertained….fire away!



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12 responses to “Ask Hubby

  1. No sorry guy there can be only on One GBU2….But her is my question

    What is the object of your blog!!!!….

    Zman sends

  2. Raises his hand “I have a question for Hubby …”

    “How about, for Father’s Day, your amazing (genuis, cute, etc.) wifey does two days of ‘it’ duty? She’s a good sport, and she loves you, and you love her, which means you have make her some beer-basted ribs for Mothers Day. . . or have Jersey Mike’s catered.”

  3. Q: how does it feel to have the perfect wife and how do you fend off the hordes of men trying to steal her away?

  4. Lori

    I am curious about what your husband thinks of your blog?

  5. steppingthru

    Q. Just what makes you think you can step into these remarkable blogging shoes? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  6. Question For Hubby… what was the last nice thing you did for wifey?

  7. Hubby: What was your reaction the first time you saw your lovely wife febreeze her feet?

  8. Terra

    If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and you could only take 3 items with you…what would they be and why?

  9. Mr. Hubby, what do you do to compensate for the greatness of your wifey? Do you become the best at something else [outside of the home of course, so as not to overshadow wifey] or have you simply learned to live with it?

  10. I have a question, sir!

    What made you fall in love with your lovely wife?

    That might not get answered but it was the only one I could think of!

  11. Searching my brain….which doesn’t take long…..I came up with one question.

    What is the greatest thing your wife could give you as a present….that didn’t require money or sex to acquire?

  12. Kara-Kae

    Thanks for your comments 🙂 I love reading your stories and thoughts on marriage! You guys do remind me a lot of us!!

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