Germs are spreading fast and mutating.

Soon my army of mucus will overtake this place! My germs will conquer you in silent, but deadly force.

Be scared, workplace people I don’t like, be very scared.



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6 responses to “Update

  1. I don’t know about them…but I’d be terrified!

  2. I want to be in your workplace. Give ME those deadly germs, ME ME ME!!!

  3. slightly: I am just taking a wild guess here, but I THINK you wouldn’t be a person I would hate…just guessing here, but if you want the germs, send me your address… 🙂

  4. Hey, if you LOVE me you’ll send me the germs! I want to be sick so I can get days off work! 😛

  5. Slightly: send the address….I will send the germs….ASAP

  6. C.A.Margonper

    Count Goodbadandugly: My Lord, I have good news for you. The War of the Germs have begun.

    Lord Sidious: You have done well, my friend. Now, go and do what you must do. Spread the germs to the outer rims of the galaxy.

    Count Goodbadandugly: It will be done, my Lord.



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