Oscar the Grouch


It’s just been one of those weeks. Filled with stress and lack of sleep and now it has compounded where any little thing feels like it will set me off.

Like what? Well, let me start the list:

1. There is never anything “good” for dinner. We have no food and are poor. I hate grocery shopping and yea, sure Hubby tries to “find” stuff to make out of nothing in our fridge, but I am just tired of eating the same old frozen pizza dinners. So then Hubby gets mad at me because I don’t like anything he suggests. JERK.

2. My middle sister asks me if I am PMSing since I am being a “a jerk.” Whatever, maybe I am, but I don’t feel overtaken by the crazy, chocolate monsters yet…so maybe I am not. JERK

3. I decide to go to bed early, in the hopes that IF i get enough sleep I will wake up happier, excited to go to work (yea, right) and get more done. But, instead I am awoken in hour by the youngest sister who decides to have a loud silverware dropping food session in the kitchen at midnight. AWESOME. It not only sounds like World War III in the kitchen, but now all the pets are up whining and bothering me too. Guess I AM not sleeping tonight. JERK

4. Boston, my favorite cat, will not stop sneezing. And he will not stop sneezing in my face at night, so his sneezes get all over me. I think he has allergies. But, Hubby doesn’t want to take him to the vet because we just spent a small fortune on Americus there. But he is my baby, and if he gets sick I get freaked out. SAD

5. It is ONLY Thursday and this week is not over yet. It is the longest week EVER and I still have to go to a 3 hour meeting on Friday afternoon (when my I-care-level is at 0 and I had a 4.5 hour meeting this past Monday. What is it with meetings? DUMB

6. I just want to know what we are doing….i.e. jobs, living situations, and real life. I am tired of being stuck in limbo-land. P.S. I have the patience the size of a small paper clip. DUMB

7. I planned on drinking last night, to make me nicer, however I found out we have close to no booze…ok, we just don’t have what I want. Which is a whole bottle of red wine (to myself) or crown with coke (the best thing to drink when you have to shovel snow—not that we are experiencing any snow, but it is the shoveler’s drink of choice). DUMB

8. I forgot to make my lunch last night and I am out of Ramen at work. DUMB

 I think I need a vacation OR a really, really stiff drink.


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17 responses to “Oscar the Grouch

  1. getoutfromundermyrock

    Not sure what to say. 😦
    This happens to me a lot. As a matter of fact, it happened while trying to cook dinner last night. I was so angry and frustrated I just wanted to turn off the stove and go “be alone” instead of risking an explosion… I did neither.
    Just remember that you are woman, and while it’s not fair for the world to be piled up on you like that or for the sleep that you so desperately need to be stolen from you so frequently, you ARE W.O.M.A.N and in the long run, you can handle it. You don’t have to like it, and you’re allowed to be pissed. Everyone else will just have to deal with it.
    Your week is 4/5 over. You’re well over the hump. Almost there. Keep hanging on, even if you have to bare your teeth.

  2. getout: I love you… 😉

  3. Well hope your situation improves, sounds like you need a percocet

    *Z gives GBU a percocet**shh dont tell anyone especially hubby I dont want to get beat up*

    Things dont seem as bad as they are most of the time….Zman sends

  4. Thanks zman! I won’t tell but can you ship me a case? 🙂

  5. getoutfromundermyrock

    Love ya too, man. Oops, W.O.M.A.N!
    Now you can smile and go kick some ass.

  6. Oh, you poor baby!! I hope things take a turn for the better after this week is over.

    I feel you on not having any food in the house. I am one of those people that runs to the store every time I decide to cook – and only buy enough food for that one meal. That means we spend more time ordering pizza or going through drive-thrus than we should. I really need to improve my diet.

  7. I understand how you feel. I really do. I hate weeks like that, and I have a fair number of ’em. But trust that it won’t last forever — not the week, not the mood.

    Sending a good thought your way.

  8. Meetings are dumb and people are jerks, no doubt about it. But think about it this way – true, you have another dumb meeting to deal with tomorrow, BUT it’ll make the weekend THAT MUCH SWEETER! Because you have this bleh thing to do right before you get to totally enjoy a perfect weekend with as much red wine as you want!
    You know what I think? Pets should have CHORES. Like grocery shopping. Yup.

  9. delaney55

    Right now I am trying to figure out what I am gonna eat and it is depressing. Hubby is on the road for work so it’s just me and cooking for one sucks. I feel ya on the getting woke up when all you want is sleep. My pets have been bad at waking me up this week and I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep yet. Is there something going around? Is it almost a full moon or something cosmic that is F**king things up royally for everyone?

    Hope you have a better day and hang in there the weekend is almost here.

  10. steppingthru

    This HAS be a long yucky week! I am so ready for Friday that I could scream. Must a moon thing or something. I’m not due my hormone shot yet.
    I’m tired of cooking, tired of laundry, tired of work, tired of this weather, tired of feeling yucky…..I’m ready for a vacation and tired of being too broke to take one. Guess I’ll join you for that drink,

  11. steppingthru

    This HAS been a long yucky week! I am so ready for Friday that I could scream. Must be a moon thing or something. I’m not due my hormone shot yet.
    I’m tired of cooking, tired of laundry, tired of work, tired of this weather, tired of feeling yucky…..I’m ready for a vacation and tired of being too broke to take one. Guess I’ll join you for that drink.

    Good grief, I think I sent this three times.

  12. Wow, I know some people that sound like you feel. They are no fun to be around. (painful). Hope your days get better.

  13. slightly: I think you are on to something with having the pets grocery shop, although I fear that they might only come back with raw steak and tuna…but that is just a guess….Thanks for the smile!

  14. delany: thanks….I think there is a full moon for the pets OR it is a giant conspiricy!

  15. stepping thru: you crack me up. Drinks on me…

  16. Alright baby I’m going to give you sympathy on this one. We all suffer from crappy weeks from Hades and we deserve these feelings and should revel in them. So you just get out in that mud pit and roll around and wallow in the mud until you feel better and then remember this. All my weeks have been crappy since my arm was ripped out of my shoulder socket back in January. Put it in perspective in other words. I feel your pain – I truly do. I want you to know that I am sending out amazing happy vibes to you that your Friday will be a good one, you will have an unexpected blessing rained on you – like finding money on the street – or someone who does something randomly kind for you – or that you will just find the strength to get out of these doldrums and realize no matter how much your life might suck at the moment, there are others so much worse off than you and I. You at least have a job and a hubby and animals who love you. And you always have me – I love you too. Big hugs.

  17. crone: you always say just the right thing! Thanks!

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