Morning NOISE


Lately, Hubby has been getting up really, really, really early to go to work. And we have already established that I AM NOT a morning person…so to be disturbed in my sleep is like waking up a bear from his hibernation. NOT.PRETTY. Of course, Hubby doesn’t think he is being that loud, but to me…sounds like FIREWORKS and MARCHING BANDS are going off in the morning as he slams around in the bathroom, taps his toothbrush, and shuffles about our room. Basically, I am about ready to KILL him. Again, I am just not rational in the morning.

So, sometimes we talk about this at night. I guess, I am hoping maybe he will be quieter or maybe he will realize how annoying he is in the WEE HOURS OF THE A.M. Although I am convinced he makes the morning bangs on PURPOSE because he doesn’t want me to sleep in any longer than he does, but he denies this. LIAR!

Me: In the morning, in my semi-state of consciousness, I dream that I am killing you with each bang you make. You know, like stabbing you like this….(violent stabbing motions are being made)

Hubby (rolling his eyes): I am SO quiet in the morning!


Hubby: Waaaaaaaay quieter than you are.

Me: Probably true, but you are still not THAT quiet.

Hubby: I even lay out my clothes the night before, so I don’t make the drawers creek!

Me: You still bang around on purpose to wake me up!

Hubby: And you don’t EVER make noise!

Me: That’s right. That is because I am perfect! J


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5 responses to “Morning NOISE

  1. Hilarious… You guys have the best conversations XD.

  2. I am also NOT a morning person. Mornings can die for all I care. Usually I am the one who gets up first, however, there are those few occasions where my hubby is the first to rise. Like yours there’s a lot of banging and stomping but add a bathroom door that lines up perfectly with my side of the bed. And the light switch…yeah it’s on the OUTSIDE of the doorway. (gotta love those old houses where logic was not used in designing the small things) Meaning a beam of light searing away my retinas. UGH.

  3. Oh wow, that picture is totally how I look and feel in the morning! Classic.

  4. OMG that picture is hilarious!!
    My fiance isn’t loud in the morning, but rather ALL NIGHT. He snores really bad, and it sounds like a lawnmower.

  5. I can so relate – Devoted Spouse gets up every day at 0-dark thirty to let the Golden Destroyer out and he thinks he’s quiet but it sounds like a herd of elephants are tramping around our bedroom and it drives me crazy to the point I want to drug him at night so he sleeps later!

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