The Tree Weed

Tiger, the Tree Weed

Tiger, the Tree Weed

We rent in an Home Owner’s Association (HOA) neighborhood. The HOA is pretty crazy about how your house looks, ie IF you have any weeds, trash cans out, statues, or any other type of montrosity you will get FINED! A montrosity is deemed as anything that they don’t like or looks hideous.

Well, I have found the most hideous weed ever. It is in our neighbors yard. I have watched it grow from a small sapling of a weed, into a gynormous tree weed and I have named him Tiger, the Tree Weed. It is crazy how fast this succer has grown. I am just curious if they have gotten fined yet by the HOA because they have a lot of other weeds too (not that we don’t, but I choose not to look at our weeds)! I am thinking they really must be partial to this tree weed. Soon, it will be bigger than their house! And once that happens, I will be there taking pictures.

What do you think? Pretty big, huh. I think it is the biggest weed I have ever seen.

Tree Weed

Tree Weed



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7 responses to “The Tree Weed

  1. getoutfromundermyrock

    I think it’s wonderful that you’ve named The Tree Weed! Are you sure that you aren’t partial to it? LOL Maybe they’re hoping it’ll pass for some rare variety of non-weed plant.

  2. i like it! you should see our back garden. the last time the property manager was over he said that we should do something about the weeds. we think it’s a nice little nature sanctuary for birds. i think we have a tree weed growing too. i’m hoping to attract koala bears that have been displaced from the fires.

  3. whatigotsofar

    There’s this one kind of weed called the giant hogweed. Like most weeds, it will grow pretty much anywhere. Other than it’s ability to grow to great heights, it has a weird pollen or sap or something. When this chemical it produces comes in contact with human skin, the skin becomes much more susceptable to sunburns. It kills something in the skin that helps the skin prevent damage. Kind of like an anti-sunblock. I guess it has an SPF of minus 50. Most civilized regions of the world have outlawed the diliberate planting of the giant hogweed.

  4. Whatever you wouldn’t know a good blog if you read it! You writing about weeds – dumb!

  5. C.A.Margonper

    Tiger, the Tree Weed. I love the name.


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