Confessions of a Tupperware Closet Monster

Not our real drawer...just a sample. I cannot mortify Hubby by posting real pictures. That is just too humiliating.

Not our real drawer...just a sample. I cannot mortify Hubby by posting real pictures. That is just too humiliating.

So, out of my MANY, MANY, MANY WONDERFUL qualities, I do have one downfall. I suppose I can let you in on this little secret, but just know that it has been passed down many, many generations on my dad’s side. It is….wait for it…the curse of the tupperware closet monster.

The lore goes that somewhere deep inside me is a tupperware closet monster. How does it emerge, you might ask? Well, whenever one is unloading the dishwasher it comes time to put away the tupperware. I.HATE.PUTTING.AWAY.TUPPERWARE. This is when I am overcome. I fall into a trance and before I know it, I reawaken and all the tupperware is tossed put away.

I only recently realized it was hereditary when I caught Rae tossing putting away tupperware the same exact way. The monster was in her blood too!

NOTE: This is where I should mention that the tupperware closet is Hubby’s pride and joy. It is so cute how he likes to make sure each tupperware fits into another one, according to size. He then puts all the lids in similar size-arranged order. It is actually quite crazy, obsessive, psycho strange if you ask me, but it makes him happy. So who am I to judge?

But once I came into the picture, Hubby no longer knew the beauty and organization of the tupperware closet. Soon chaos hit the tupperware closet. Today, the tupperware closet is no longer organized into nice inner-fitting shapes, with matching lids. It no longer glistens in its’ organized crazy, psycho bliss. Now it is a closet nightmare: scary, messy and ready to fall out on anyone who dares open the door. Kinda like an avalanche building, bursting, and silently, but deadly awaiting Hubby, the unsuspecting prey.

This ONE downfall of mine does not make Hubby happy, in fact, he was so excited to show me his accomplishment today!

Hubby: Look Dear, I re-organized the tupperware closet! (He is BEAMING with pride here)

Me (feigning interest): Wow, Hubby, looks amazing. Really it does. Great job.

Fastforward to clean up time after dinner

Me (under my breath): Hmmmm well, that tupperware closet DID look good. ( I than quietly kick nudge the door shut and back away slowly)


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10 responses to “Confessions of a Tupperware Closet Monster

  1. Twin, i totally relate to you. The Brit INVENTORIES the tupperware and if he feels as though he’s missing a piece he says “did you bring lunch to work and forget to bring back the bowl?” “um no… i just threw back in the cupboard and it’s in the far corner on the side…see it?” and he just sighs. he sorts his tupperware by size and shape and the lids accordingly. and always rearranges it when he knows i put away the dishes! it’s plastic, it doesn’t break, it’s meant to be thrown. that’s how i feel.

  2. I love Tupperware. Love. It.

  3. getoutfromundermyrock

    We have the very same problem with butter bowls, cottage cheese/sour cream tubs, Glad/Ziplock containers, and ice cream buckets! The only catch is, I’m the anal one when it comes to putting the stuff away. I am the constant re-arranger!
    I think there should be a superhero — Introducing… Da Daadaa DAAA… The Plastics Avenger! — who runs around and fights this never ending battle for the whole world.
    The problem with the lids bugged me so much I ended up putting a plastic hospital basin in a bottom cabinet… with all the lids in order, by type and size.
    *sorry — I’m such a huge disappointment*

  4. getout: I like your superhero idea…did you ever see that show by stan lee? They really did invent superheros! But, alas, I would never be allowed to get near plastics avenger…. 🙂

  5. Never been a big fan of the tupperware..hate eating out of plastic…but hey its simple and easy… tupperware been around forever though huh!!!…Zman sends

  6. Are there support groups for your curse do you think?

  7. Is that where I get it from…unfortunately my husband doesn’t seem to care for the mess. But I can see the logic of having it organized…I can never find the top to the bottom I find!

  8. delaney55

    I have a real love-hate relationship with Tupperware and the wanna-be’s. I love the simplicity of using said containers but I detest choosing which one is the right size for the leftovers. I always get the wrong one for the job. I hate trying to fit them in the dishwasher and eh-gads, don’t ask ME to put them away! Hubby thank goodness takes care of this for me. What would we do without the menfolk?

  9. Hah. That picture, that says, “Not our real drawer” I’m 99% certain it’s modeled after our freezer!

  10. Get the snap together kind — this was the bane of my life too – half the time i’d open our cabinet and lids/tupperware would fall in my face -IRRITATED!!

    So, we threw it all out and got the snap together kind — so much easier.

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