A Big No-No

So, this morning I got up early to take Boston to the vet for his allergies. Which he does have, by the way. At this point, I think we own half the vet, but hey….Boston is MY baby and he has been keeping me up for a week with his sneezing.  They gave us medicine to help his sneezing and he should be better in no time, so I am not worried. They also taught us how to force pills down his throat. NOT FUN. I think I am going to try smashing them into his favorite roast beef sandwich from Arby’s before I try and use that gizmo.

Anyway, this morning after I got dressed to go to the vet, out walks Hubby in practically the same outfit as me. Jeans and the same color tee-shirt. Not okay.

Me: Hubby! You are basically wearing the same outfit as me! You need to change.

Hubby: No, I am not! My shirt is a little different and besides I thought you liked when we dressed alike and are all matchy-matchy.

Me: Ummmm are you crazy? No, I don’t want to match. EVER. We are not cute like that. I AM NOT CUTE LIKE THAT. I would never say something like that. Now, Go change quick!

NOT okay with this....

NOT okay with this....



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9 responses to “A Big No-No

  1. Ew, I hate couples that dress alike – like when you see weird tourists walking around with matching hats and sweatshirts? Not normal. It’s one short step from dressing alike to beginning to look alike – watch out!

  2. slightly: I promise NOT to let this happen. I am not that kinda freak! Trust me, really! 🙂

  3. That is hilarious. It’s like one of those days at work when everyone is wearing the same color. Does a memo go around or something?

  4. delaney55

    I must admit that years ago when Hubby and I went out to the country bars to dance we wore matching western shirts. Most couples did. Now that was a long time ago and I am thankful to say we don’t do that any more. I know, we were pathetic but that phase is behind us for good….I hope!

  5. steppingthru

    We went on a trip I had won one time and had to attend an event dressed alike. Not just the two of us but about 50 of us. It was too funny to see how each woman tried to make herself look unique. The men didn’t care. I promise not to dress like Coach if I can help it.

  6. I love your table cloth outfits in the picture. That is y’all right? You were just kidding about not wanting to dress alike, right? I knew it.

  7. Seriously…your relationship with your husband might be one of the most hysterical things on the net…LOL

  8. C.A.Margonper

    Well, I happen to like couples who match their clothes.

    Please, don’t beat me.


  9. C.A.Margonper

    I forgot to say that I wish the very best for beautiful Boston, and that he gets better really soon. Good luck with the pills. 🙂

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