Tunnel Ear


Still want to die. I think I have tunnel ear. You know, where your ear is so blocked up that normal, everyday sounds are magnified to be 20 times LOUDER than normal. For instance, the neighbors booming stereo, sounded like it could have been playing in my room. Maybe there was a party in my room while I was sleeping, let me tell you that Nyquill is good stuff. Although I am getting real close to needing another bottle of it.

I can’t hear out of my left ear at all and my left nostril is completely shut down. I have slept a total of  a day and a half (and I think I will go sleep some more) and still feel like crap! What is this? 

 I am quite attractive too….tissues stuffed up my nose (due to not being able to blow my nose).

Thanks for all your well wishes, hopefully I will make it through this. Hubby sucks at being a nurse! Not to say I would be any better….



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2 responses to “Tunnel Ear

  1. Aw, sounds like you’re really suffering. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. gross, glad I’m not around to catch it!

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